Sideways Jumper

After much knitting, unpicking, fixing and you-tube video-watching, it’s finally finished! This ‘Sideways’ Jumper is my first knitted garment started in Christmas 2011. It knitted with MODA Vera Pure wool 8 ply. It’s a little bit too big for Hollis at the moment but hopefully he will grow into it during the coming winter months.

The back…

The front…

The yoke opening is a little large at present…

The two hand-made buttons were purchased from the craft store ‘Hobbysew’ at Figtree.

Hollis checking how it looks in the mirror. He seems to really like it….

Now I just have to finish the 4-colour version of this jumper and then I can start a new project!

  1. eleanor11 said:

    Good job Jo! Mr Hollis looks so sweet in his jumper. Does he like his buttons?

  2. novice_knitter said:

    I think so but I think I am more plesed with them. Hollis is really happy with wearing the jumper in general (I think because I have it with me all that time and he finally got to have it) and perhaps has not discovered them yet.

    I have started work on the 4 colur one (I am only using 3) so hopefully they will be both ready for Hollis for the coming winter. And I can start other projects!

  3. eleanor11 said:

    That’s a nice thought – that Hollis sees you with it over a long period of time, like it’s your favourite toy, and then you give it to him, so it must be very special!

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