Neat edge for garter stitch


At the end of the row do a purl stitch. Slip the first stitch of every row as a knit stitch! Then once you have put the needle through for the second stitch give the yarn a tug to tighten that first slip stitch.

  1. novice_knitter said:

    This sounds like a good trick although I can’t quite visualise it without doing it…. I used the crab stitch or reverse double crochet (as instructed by the pattern) to do the edging on the yoke opening (garter stitch) for Hollis’s sideways jumper. It was quite difficult to start off with but quite nice to do.

  2. eleanor11 said:

    Try it out on a tension square. If you knit every stitch in garter then you get that bump at then end of every second row, but purling the last stitch gives a neat loop, more like what you get at the edge of stocking stitch. When I do stocking stitch I slip the first stitch, but always in the style of the row – i.e. slip it knit wise on a knit row and purl wise on a purl row. I don’t knit the last stitch if it is a purl row, I just purl it – that seems to give the nicest edge.

  3. novice_knitter said:

    I think my aunt told me that too but I couldn’t understand what she was saying. She did say that it will be the sewing edge neater.

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