“Addi” Circular Knitting Needles [6mm – 40cm]

A pity to cover them in knitting. Almost…..

  1. eleanor11 said:

    Grandma was most amused by these needles. She has never knitted in the round, and while she has used circular needles it is only for skirts – I assume because these are have so many stitches in a row that they don’t fit on normal needles. I explained that the hat knitted on the circular needles (this was what Alex is knitting on the ones pictured) doesn’t need to have a seam at the back. The circular needles kept on causing her amusement every time she spotted Alex using them.

  2. scandalousartefacts said:

    I think it was just the circular needles themselves that caused the amusement – I’m fairly sure she’s knitted “in the round” before with four needles. Just like, for example, the woman in the “medieval knitting” post above. In fact, how old did you say your Grandma was…..?

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